Having Trouble with Your Diesel? We’ve Got Answers

Check out some of our the most common problems and solutions with Diesel Engines.

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Engine speed surges at low or high idle

-Air in Fuel System
-Injection Pump malfunctioning
-Delivery Valves in Injection Pump malfunctioning
-Injectors worn or malfunctioning
-Fuel Leak….Repair fuel leak
-Throttle linkage out of adjustment or damaged
-Idle setting

Note: If this is a generator application, additional adjustments need to be made to the injection pump once installed. Contact Diesel Pro for Service Bulletin

Engine Difficult to Start

-Injection Pump timing
-Cylinders aren’t getting fuel
-Engine is out of time
-Injector(s) are worn or malfunctioning
-Injection pump is malfunctioning
-Engine has low compression
-Air intake or exhaust system is restricted
-Air in fuel system
-Engine cranks too slow. Minimum cranking speed is 150RPM

Engine has low power

-Fuel injection pump is malfunctioning
-Engine overloaded
-Low Compression
-Fuel control lever mis-adjusted
-Mechanical shutoff lever partially engaged
-High pressure fuel leak
-Fuel supply pressure too low
-Air in the fuel system
-Fuel transfer pump malfunctioning
-Malfunctioning fuel return overflow valve
-Intake air restriction
-Boost Leak
-Intake air restriction
-Exhaust restriction
-Exhaust Leak pre-turbo
-Fuel injection pump timing is incorrect
-Turbocharger worn or failed
-Valves out of adjustment
-Injectors worn or failed

Fuel in engine oil

-Engine valve train malfunction
-Injectors are worn or malfunctioning
-Injection pump seals are leaking
-Failed supply pump

White Exhaust Smoke

-Turbocharger worn or malfunctioning
-Injection pump worn or malfunctioning
-Injectors worn or malfunctioning
-Head gasket failure, coolant in combustion chamber
-Low compression
-Engine timing
-Poor fuel quality

Black Exhaust Smoke

-Injection pump malfunctioning
-injectors are worn or malfunctioning
-Turbocharger is worn or malfunctioning
-Restricted Air Intake
-Restricted exhaust
-Boost Leak
-Exhaust leak