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Check out some of our most commonly asked questions.

Should I Rebuild My Existing Injection Pump or Exchange the Pump for an Already Rebuilt Pump?

There are several things to determine when trying to figure out if you should have your pump rebuilt. Does your pump currently pump fuel to the injectors? Does your injection pump allow the engine to run properly? Is the problem just a fuel leak? If you think your pump is in good shape and you would just like to have the pump gone over, then go ahead and have your pump done. If you are unsure of the pump condition, the best choice may be to exchange your pump for a shelf unit.

Does Diesel Pro Rebuild Turbochargers?

Yes. We will inspect your turbocharger and determine if rebuilding your turbocharger or exchanging your turbocharger for new or remanufactured is the best option.

Does Diesel Pro Maintain Fleets?

Yes. Diesel Pro has a full-service fleet maintenance program. We also have a light duty truck and auto repair shop.

How Much Will It Cost to Rebuild My Diesel Fuel Injection Pump?

Pump, Injector, and turbocharger rebuilding costs fluctuate drastically based on application. Call us for a quote.

Will Diesel Pro help me troubleshoot my vehicle or Tractor?

Yes. Diesel Pro has a knowledgeable support team consisting of experienced diesel engine technicians willing to help. We also have (2) drive in service locations which can take of solving any problems with your diesel engine.

Does Diesel Pro Sell New O.E. Injectors, Pumps, and Turbochargers?

Yes. Diesel Pro offers a full line of new injectors, pumps and turbochargers as well as an extensive line of aftermarket fuel system components. We give you options depending on your budget and needs.

Does Diesel Pro Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology in Fuel Systems and Turbochargers?

Yes. Diesel Pro has all the latest software tools and fuel injection test equipment to service the new electronic high pressure common rail injection systems.

How Do I Find the Part Number of My Injection Pump, Injector, or Turbocharger?

Call us with your year, make, model, and VIN number if possible. An ESN or engine serial number will also help our team determine which product is right for your application.

What Can I Do to Get Better Fuel Mileage?

Be sure to keep your engine scheduled for regular maintenance. Think of it as a dentist appointment. Have the fuel filters changed every 10,000 miles. Run Alliant Power or Stanadyne Fuel additive. Fix any nagging issues with the injection system. Make sure your air cleaner is clear of dirt and debris. Make sure turbocharger is functioning properly.

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