What is an eTurbo?

EmissionsWhat is an eTurbo?

What is an eTurbo?

What is an eTurbo?

BorgWarner recently announced a contract with a European auto-maker to produce eTurbo’s for the auto-maker via a press release. eTurbo is a term that many of us are not yet familiar with. Trademarked by BorgWarner, this term is used to describe a new generation of turbochargers. An eTurbo is essentially a traditional mechanical turbocharger (like the ones we are all familiar with) paired with an electric motor.

Why pair an electric motor with a mechanical turbocharger? Two reasons described below:

  1. To act as a generator when excess shaft energy is available
  2. To provide assistance in increasing shaft speed (boost) to reduce the turbocharger response time or lag

Here are some benefits to each of these functions:

Capturing excess shaft energy via generator

  • Additional charging capabilities which could help reduce battery size
  • Ability to increase exhaust back pressure to help reduce emissions

Motor assisted shaft speed increase resulting in decreased turbocharger response time

  • Allows for reduction in engine size which results in improved emissions
  • Improved driving experience. The power/torque is there when you need it

The eTurbo is an exciting next step in turbocharging history. From 1900 to now, a lot has changed with Turbochargers. BorgWarner states the eTurbo will be rolled out with the “major OEM” in 2022. We are looking forward to the new design and are excited about the continued innovation in turbocharger technology.