Things to Consider When Choosing a Diesel Repair Shop

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Looking for a Diesel Repair Shop?

Things to Consider when choosing a Diesel Repair Shop

In today’s day and age, diesel repairs shops are plentiful. With the increased pressure from the EPA, automakers have had to navigate unchartered territory into EGR systems (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation), DPF systems(Diesel Particulate Filters), and SCR systems (Selective Catalyst Reduction). While implementing new emissions systems on their vehicles, some major problems arose. Specifically, the ford 6.0L opened the door for individuals to open diesel repair shops. These shops have made their fortune doing EGR deletes, head gasket jobs, oil cooler replacements, etc. on the Ford 6.0L. At the same time, performance diesels have become popular among younger generations in the United States.

This is a perfect storm for any shops looking to get their feet wet in the diesel repair world. There has certainly been plenty of money and opportunity for entrepreneurs making the industry attractive.

With all that being said, many of the shops, which became good at installing performance parts, tuning, Ford 6.0L head gasket jobs, or EGR deletes, might not be up to speed on other vehicle platforms.

Before choosing a repair shop to perform diagnostics or repairs on your diesel engine, ask or find answers to the following questions:

  • Does the repair shop have the required software to perform an accurate diagnostic? – Every engine platform has specialized software. Without the proper software program, diagnostics can be a shot in the dark.
  • If the repair shop is using remanufactured injectors/pumps/turbochargers, who are these items re-manufactured by? – The internet has made it easy and attractive to buy knockoff parts at a very competitive price. In some cases, these items may have just been cleaned and reassembled.
  • What is the shops warranty policy? – Ask for a written warranty policy. Does the policy cover parts and labor. How long is the warranty period?
  • How do the shop’s google reviews look? – This one seems obvious, however, having input from other customers can be very valuable.

I hope this post provides readers with a few quick items to question before committing to a relationship with a Diesel Repair Shop. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out via our contact page or leave a comment and let us know how we can help.