5264250RX | Cummins ISB Fuel Injection Pump

Injection Pumps5264250RX | Cummins ISB Fuel Injection Pump

5264250RX | Cummins ISB Fuel Injection Pump

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Restore performance to your Cummins ISB 220 6.7L Diesel Engine with the Genuine OEM 5264250RX by Bosch.


Cummins Part # 5264250RX
Remanufactured, Genuine OEM
12-Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty
Necessary Gaskets and Seals are Included

Additional OE Part Numbers: 4994557, 4994557RX, 5264250NX, 5264250, 5264256, 5264256RX, 5264256NX


Cummins ISB 200 6.7L

About the Manufacturer:

Bosch Diesel Systems is the largest fuel system manufacturer in the world. With manufacturing and re-manufacturing facilities located globally, Bosch sets the standard for quality in our industry. When it comes to trusting Bosch with your fuel systems needs, you are in great hands.

Additional information to know:

Injections pumps are a critical part of your diesel engine’s operation. Both older mechanical injection systems and newer high pressure common rail injection systems are vulnerable to foreign debris, poor fuel quality, or water in fuel. Prior to installing your replacement injection pump on engine, it is very important to identify the cause of the initial failure. If the injection pump is replaced prior to making sure all fuel lines, fuel rails, and injectors are free of metal and other debris, your replacement pump may fail prematurely.

Warranty by product type. Below is a list of products and associated warranties:
Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps: 12 Months, Unlimited Miles/Hours
Turbochargers: 12 Months, Unlimited Miles/Hours
Diesel Fuel Injectors: 12 Months Unlimited Miles/Hours
Select Common Rail Injectors: 24 Months, Unlimited Miles/Hours
All Other Products: Warranted against defects of material/workmanship as shipped
**Note: Unless otherwise stated, no labor warranty included**

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