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Pump, Injector & Turbocharger Testing & Analysis

Diesel Removal & Installation ServicesDiesel Pro’s wide range of services include manufacturer authorized testing and analysis of fuel injection systems and turbochargers. Performed either on vehicle or off-vehicle, Diesel Pro is able to test major fuel injection system components and turbochargers in-house. Diesel Pro has invested in all the latest software, equipment, and tooling to face even the toughest challenges. Today’s systems are complex, and we are here to help you determine your diesel fuel and air systems health. We have the ability to test and repair common rail injection systems, in-line mechanical pumps, rotary pumps, mechanical injectors, Electronic Unit Injectors, Turbochargers (pneumatic and electronic control systems), and much more. Concerned about your injectors or injection pump? Leave the details to the experts and feel confident knowing Diesel Pro can help.

Diesel Pro’s factory authorizations include:
  • Bosch – Zexel
  • Stanadyne (Roosa Master)
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Ambac
  • Yanmar
  • Alliant Power
  • Garrett
  • Holset