Are genuine OE Injectors from a dealer worth the money?

  • June 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

What’s the difference? These days, there are a ton of options out there when shopping for Diesel Fuel Injectors. Some of these options include: Genuine OE Injectors, Genuine OEM Injectors, Aftermarket New, and independently remanufactured. Below, we’ll describe each type, and similarities and differences between these types.

Genuine OE Injectors:

OE stands for Original Equipment. This type of injector is going to come in the original equipment box. In most cases, this type of injector is what you would receive from your dealer. The names on these boxes would include brands like: Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Mercedes, Bobcat, CASE IH, CNH, International, Caterpillar, etc. From a quality perspective, OE product is very good. Genuine OE product is a great option. The biggest downside to buying injectors directly from a dealer is usually price. You will pay a premium for an injector in the OE box. Also, in some cases, the dealer is not always an expert on fuel systems so support and troubleshooting may be limited.

Genuine OEM Injectors:

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means the company producing the product supplies the OE’s (above) with products. In most cases, this includes the injector they are selling, but this is not always the case. OEM injector brands include companies like Denso, Delphi, Bosch, and Stanadyne. These companies supply fuel injection products to the companies listed above. The injector will not come in a branded dealer box but is, in most cases, the same product as you would receive from a dealer, just in a different box. OEM is also a great option. The quality is usually identical to the OE Injector. In general, this option will be less expensive than through the dealership. Companies who are service dealers for the OEM fuel system manufacturers generally have a good understanding of the fuel system and can help with troubleshooting fuel system problems. In many cases, this is the product Diesel Pro offers. Diesel Pro is a service dealer to the major OEM fuel system manufacturers

Aftermarket New Injectors:

These products are neither OE or OEM. They are produced by independent companies  and are generally less expensive than the two options above. This is the up side. The down side is the quality requirements are not always as strict as the OEM an OE option. With that being said, there are some good aftermarket new options out there, you just have to be careful to do your homework before purchasing. There are some very inexpensive options through Amazon and Ebay which may actually end up costing you more in down time than the original savings were worth. Diesel Pro offers some aftermarket new options only after a thorough quality inspection process where the product is also rigorously tested.


Independently Remanufactured Injectors:

Very similar to the description of the aftermarket new injectors. One key difference is some remanufacturers use aftermarket new parts when remanufacturing or refurbishing, while others use genuine OEM replacement parts during the remanufacturing process. When purchasing remanufactured product, an important question to ask is if the product has been built using genuine OEM replacement parts or aftermarket replacement parts. In addition, was the injector tested on OEM approved calibration equipment upon completion of the remanufacturing process. A remanufactured injector built using the OEM remanufacturing process and parts can be of very similar quality to OE and OEM injectors and provide additional cost savings over the OE and OEM injector.

Diesel Pro is a service dealer of all the major fuel system manufacturers and uses only OEM Fuel system parts and test equipment during the remanufacturing process. Feel free to search our site or give us a call for options or a quote on your next set of injectors.




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